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1000% Bearbrick Andy Warhol Brillo

1000% Bearbrick Andy Warhol Brillo

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Andy Warhol x BRILLO Be@rbrick


Release date: 01.01.2021 Limited Edition Collectibles


Be@rbrick – 1000% - 700 mm


The Be@rbrick Andy Warhol "Brillo" 1000% figure is inspired by the artist’s provocative 1964 work entitled Brillo Soap Pad Boxes that prompted audiences to think about mass consumption and art as a consumer product.  This collectable figure features the Brillo Pad logo and box branding printed all over the ursine shaped figure.

Standing at 700mm tall, this fun and funky pop art piece will add personality to your collection. 


C)/(R)/TM The Andy Warhol Foundation for
the Visual Arts, Inc.
Brillo(R) is a registered trademark of
the Armaly Sponge Company.
All rights reserved.
BE@RBRICK TM & (C) 2001-2020
MEDICOM TOY CORPORATION. All rights reserved.


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As each product is unique the colour and shape may differ slightly differ from the actual product. The extraordinary design and unique production runs of Medicom Toy Be@rbricks ensures the individualistic uniqueness of each of its limited edition artefacts. 


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Dimensions: 22 cm (high) x  18 cm (diameter)

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