About Us PopArtFusion

PopArtFusion is a collective initiative of diverse, multicultural, curious, creative, tech-savvy, innovative minds with extraordinary talents who set out to evolve and shape the future of arts, design and culture into an inspiring, creative landscape for tomorrow's generation of contemporary creators. 


Pop Art Fusion designs and promotes iconic, limited-edition consumer goods, electronics and gadgets. Beautifully handcrafted, original and exclusive masterpieces stem from thoughtful collaborations with select brands, partners and international contemporary artists.


  • Pop Art Fusion - 2023-06-01_05.37.57_3115313049519346838_6698899705 - PopArtFusion by Conectid
  • Pop Art Fusion - 350687495_181629231205874_7997245898719927260_n - PopArtFusion by Conectid
  • Pop Art Fusion - 2023-06-01_05.37.57_3115313049511032008_6698899705 - PopArtFusion by Conectid
  • Pop Art Fusion - 350814016_3520238248208498_2800329452492358890_n_dc2e449a-c49e-4ca1-9753-ac0c4df57207 - PopArtFusion by Conectid