Floating from 2013 to 2023 - The Tale of the Giant Rubber Ducks

Title: The Tale of the Giant Rubber Ducks: Floating from 2013 to 2023


In the heart of Hong Kong's Victoria Harbour, an unusual sight has captivated residents and tourists alike - not once, but twice. This spectacle is none other than the giant rubber duck installations, a project conceived by Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman. These ducks have not just been a fun sight to behold; they've also been subjects of intrigue and mild controversy due to some unexpected incidents.


The 2013 Installation


In 2013, a giant 16.5-meter (54 feet) inflatable rubber duck made its grand entrance into Victoria Harbour, causing quite the stir. The art installation, aptly named 'Rubber Duck,' was designed by Hofman, who saw his creation as a symbol of peace and a means to reconnect adults with their childhood​1​.


The enormous, sunshine-yellow duck was anchored next to Ocean Terminal and became an iconic part of the city's skyline. It brought smiles, laughter, and even some tears to the people of Hong Kong and visitors alike, as they flocked to see the huge bath toy up close and personal​1​.


However, not everything went swimmingly for the 2013 Rubber Duck. While details of the mishaps are scarce, additional research would be needed to provide a detailed account of the accidents that occurred during its stay in Hong Kong.


Fast forward to 2023


Exactly ten years later, in June 2023, the ducks made a triumphant return to Victoria Harbour. This time, there were not one, but two 18-meter-tall rubber ducks, aptly named 'Double Ducks,' floating on the harbour's waters. This installation, a collaborative project between AllRightsReserved and Hofman, essentially turned Victoria Harbour into a giant bathtub​2​.


The Double Ducks phenomenon extended beyond the waters, taking over the city in various ways. They featured in 18 different MTR stations, with Admiralty's Exit E transformed into a limited-time 'Double Ducks Exit.' A special tram and Star Ferry were themed around the ducks, and collectibles like wooden sculptures, plush toys, and mahjong sets became available at the DDT Store​2​.


Sadly, one of the ducks faced an untimely deflation just a day after the unveiling, much to the disappointment of residents and visitors who had come to see them in scorching heat​3​. It was found that the duck deflated because its surface stretched due to the hot weather. Workers quickly sprang into action to repair it, and it was ready to return to Victoria Harbour after undergoing reliability tests at a shipyard​4​.




The giant rubber ducks' story is a tale of art, intrigue, and resilience. Despite the unexpected hiccups, they have continued to spread joy and capture the hearts of people across the globe. From its first appearance in 2013 to its return in 2023, the ducks have left a lasting impression on Hong Kong's cityscape and its people.


Please note that more information on the 2013 accidents would enrich this article, but such details were not readily available within the scope of this research.


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