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Leblon Delienne

Leblon Delienne x Peanuts - Snoopy SF (Peanuts)

Leblon Delienne x Peanuts - Snoopy SF (Peanuts)

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Peanuts fans, be happy ! Thanks to Leblon Delienne, rediscover the characters from your favorite comic strip. A return in the 50s with Snoopy, funny endearing dog having punctuated our childhood memories.

Concept and design are still carried out in the historic Norman workshops of Neufchatel en Bray and pay a fine tribute to the iconic figures of the 20th century. This is why Snoopy is so chic with his pure white, black ears and nose and accented with a red heart, which will melt the hearts of the most tender of you.

A perfect introduction to start a new collection.


Height:  27cm


Mixed Media

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Dimensions: 22 cm (high) x  18 cm (diameter)

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