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Baccarat x Snoopy (Peanuts) - Baccarat Heart

Baccarat x Snoopy (Peanuts) - Baccarat Heart

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The features of the beloved beagle, from his round muzzle to his floppy ears, are brought to life with minimalist details. The Snoopy Heart portrays the character with a red heart. Additional Snoopy figurines are available, namely King Snoopy (a Clear crystal figurine topped with a bronze crown), Friendly Snoopy (a Clear crystal figurine outfitted with a t-shirt and shorts), Golf Snoopy (a Clear crystal figurine sporting a nickel-plated golf hat and extending a nickel-plated golf club with great concentration), and Welcome Snoopy (a Clear crystal figurine raising his left paw in friendly greeting).

Art, fashion, and design revisited for decades, the iconic dog Snoopy represents an endless source of inspiration. Hero of a whole generation, the wisest of the beagles, experiences new adventures in the land of luxury. In the crystal version, the star dog will be the dream companion of all aficionados, big and small, of the cult comic strip!

An exceptional company, an exceptional partnership: Baccarat is now joining forces with the cult figure of Schulz: Snoopy.

11.3 cm high, this transparent beagle is a sublime figurine that wears a heart with dazzling redness 



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Dimensions: 22 cm (high) x  18 cm (diameter)

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