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Conectid Group Demonstrates Compassion and Sustainability Commitment


Bristol, 30 May 2023 - In a significant move demonstrating its dedication to sustainable practices and social responsibility, Conectid Group, a preeminent technology solutions provider and designer, producer, and manufacturer of consumer goods and appliances, has initiated a collaborative sustainability and rehabilitation support effort with the respected Bristol-based charity, the SOFA Project.


The initial act of this cooperation saw Conectid Group generously donating over 200 induction cooktops. These items had been previously utilised for internal testing, returned by customers, or had minor defects. All the cooktops incorporate Conectid’s innovative eco-friendly induction technology.


Renowned for driving innovtative and sustainable solutions within the technology sector, Conectid Group laest endeavour is a testament to its mission. It showcases a resourceful approach to managing product lifecycles, minimising environmental footprints, and benefiting the community while offering alternative rehabilitation support for those in need.


Established in 1982, SOFA Project is a social enterprise that champions sustainability, inclusivity, and empowerment. The organisation extends the lifespan of high-quality furniture and electrical appliances and, crucially, provides training and work opportunities for those who find themselves marginalised from the workplace, aiding their rehabilitation and societal reintegration.


Unwanted or donated items are skilfully refurbished and technically assessed, diverting them from waste and rendering these crucial items affordable and accessible to all. The organisation's commendable efforts significantly contribute to environmental waste reduction, retraining and reintegrating excluded individuals into the workforce and providing affordable household items for those in need.


The SOFA Project's commendable work extends into the prison system, creating opportunities for individuals to learn new skills and gain valuable work experience. Through their dedication to societal improvement and sustainability, they have fostered a virtuous cycle of reuse and giving back, underscoring their unwavering commitment to both the community and the environment.


CEO of Conectid Group expressed,

"At Conectid, our mission goes beyond delivering advanced tech solutions. We are fervently committed to sustainability and supporting our community. This donation of over 200 induction cooktops to the SOFA Project is a testament to this commitment. We are immensely proud to support a charity that plays a pivotal role in the local community and actively contributes to shaping a greener future."


CEO of Conectid Group further added

"SOFA Project's dedication to creating a sustainable and inclusive society and devotion to reintegrating excluded and marginalsied people back to society  whilst bestowing upon them again with the invaluable gift of hope, perfectly aligns with Conectid Group's core values."


SOFA Project will ensure the donated cooktops are efficiently refurbished or recycled, thereby reducing waste and promoting the circular economy. This significant contribution will divert substantial waste from landfills while providing many families with more efficient, environmentally friendly cooking alternatives.


To learn more about this initiative and other sustainability efforts by Conectid Group, please visit



Conectid Group is an innovative technology company providing transformative solutions across diverse sectors. Dedicated to ethical practices, mutual respect, sustainability and community development

Conectid Group aims to leverage technology to build a better, fairer, more correct and transparent interconnected world. 



The SOFA Project, a Bristol-based charity, is committed to preventing reusable furniture and electrical appliances from being relegated to landfills. Operating for over four decades, it provides affordable items to the community while promoting sustainability and inclusivity.



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